Seminars, plenary sessions, congresses, product launches… Imagine days or evenings that reflect your business.

Company days & evenings

Share and enhance the values ​​of your company through unique and tailor-made business days or evenings … Cocktail starter, lunch, dinner or even Gala lunch or dinner… all configurations find their place there.


For your seminars, meetings, workshops or conferences, the Fortin de Corbières provides 3 indoor lounges or its outdoor spaces offering a maritime spectacle as far as the eye can see. Different layout arrangements are also possible: theater, round table or plenary. Design the spaces according to your needs.

Product Launch

Personalised lighting in the colors of your company, staging of spaces, transform the Fortin de Corbières into a real ephemeral showcase for your product launches. Fashion, automotive, medical sector and so on, the largest groups in the region trust us.